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LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
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LAC Teatrostudio

Tariff Fr. 15.-*
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* Free entrance for the LuganoMusica subscribers, for the associates of Oggimusica and for the holders of the evening concert tickets.

Late Night Modern


, at 22.30

Puccini Reloaded
The Italo-Swiss trio Niton is entrusted with an exclusive Oggimusica production built around Puccini’s La Bohème. Accompanying actor Igor Horvat’s spoken words, classical and electronic instruments endeavour to carry Mimì and Rodolfo’s melodies and feelings a century ahead.

13.11, at 19.00

Debussy Reloaded
Debussy would have had the makings of a sailor; instead, he became one of the most significant composers of all times. Several other composers also shared his love for the sea, as you will hear - and also see - in the course this concert for flute, projections and electronic instruments.

18.12, at 19.00

Bach Reloaded
Why is music transcribed? There’s no ending to transcriptions and arrangements for all sorts of instruments of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music. Bach himself transcribed and arranged a good deal of music by other composers throughout his life. Teodoro Anzellotti’s accordion has the task of guiding us through Bach transcriptions and works by Kurtág, Rameau and Bartók.  

16.02, at 22.30

Ravel Reloaded
The rather unusual – but in this concert central – guest is a Disklavier, a mechanical “humanised” piano capable of responding to the gesture of the Ensemble Impronta’s conductor. Ravel – who wrote so much music for the piano, be it for four, two or even one hand – will be magnificently performed here without hands!

14.03, at 22.30

Mahler Reloaded
An evening devoted to Lieder, two female voices and a piano in a program during which – alongside the inevitable Schubert and Mahler – composers of today will also make an appearance.

28.03, at 22.30

Britten Reloaded
Guitarists owe one of the greatest 20th century masterpieces for their instrument to Benjamin Britten and his Nocturnal After John Dowland. In addition to pieces with the acoustic guitar, this evening’s program presents works for electric guitar and the premiere of a composition by Mathias Steinauer commissioned by Oggimusica. The guitarist is the volcanic Mats Scheidegger.

07.05, at 21.00

Respighi Reloaded
Soundscape is a term introduced in the seventies by the Canadian composer Raymond Murray Schafer: a concept that refers in particular to a natural acoustic environment - the sounds of nature and of animals - but also to the environment of humans and their artefacts. Just as Respighi made a soundscape of Rome, Oggimusica presents an acoustic portrait of the city of Lugano.