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LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

Music & Paintings

Marco Solari

LAC edu

What melodies can evoke the vision of a painting ? Some personalities - artistic and otherwise - will answer this intriguing question during the meeting "Music & Paintings". The paintings, chosen from our temporary exhibitions or from the collection of the Art Museum of Svizzera italiana Lugano - will be the visual counterpart to the musical performance chosen in their honor.

Sunday 04.12.16, at 11.00 Museum level -2

Marco Solari chose:
John Constable : The Lock
Musics from Giuseppe Verdi.

Next appointments:

Sunday 15.01.17 – Angela Lyn
At 11.00, Museum Entrance goundfloor

Sunday 12.02.17 – Zeno Gabaglio
At 11.00, Sala 4