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LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura
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11 March


LAC Teatrostudio

Focus America

The dialogue among the different arts



This concert is conceived as a counterpoint to the four American dance performances included in Focus America at the LAC. There will be American music of three distinct generations: John Cage (1912-1992), Philip Glass (1937) and Nico Muhly (1981). Two of Cage's pieces were explicitly written by him for the dance, Mysterious Adventure and Ophelia. Throughout the program, capturing a suggestion from Dance me of the Jazz de Montréal Ballets, in which five "seasons" and cycles of existence follow each other, it was decided to link the different pieces to the common theme of metamorphosis: from the Book of changes that inspires Cage's Music of Change in the "transformed" voice of the piano, to close with the sometimes imperceptible, sometimes brutal metamorphoses of Glass's Mad Rush. Here the same material, the same "music" manifests itself first in a calm and disembodied form, then exploding and assuming the very mobile contours of the fire.

Alfonso Alberti, piano

John Cage  Mysterious Adventure    
Philip Glass  Etude 19   
John Cage  Music of Change I  
Nico Muhly   A Hudson Cycle   
John Cage  Ophelia       
Philip Glass  Mad Rush