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LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

Martha Argerich Project

from 7 to 30 June 2016

The MARTHA ARGERICH PROJECT, promoted by the LuganoMusica, RSI Rete Due and BSI, will be held from 7 to 30 June 2016. This fifteenth edition will once again bring together some 70 artists around the great pianist.

At the heart of the event is the piano: present in many combinations of instruments, it will take you on a journey across its vast repertoire, including some undiscovered, rarely-performed pieces. Chamber music is the main focus, and this part of the programme brings together the invited musicians, who have agreed to tackle the pieces on the programme, often for the first time. In this regard, the MARTHA ARGERICH PROJECT can be considered a perpetual laboratory with the concerts as the showcase for the results. The most important thing, however, is the on-site preparation work among groups of musicians, brought together by both camaraderie and competition.

The success of this project is assured by the musicians who, loyal to the project, attend nearly every year. To mention just a few: pianists include Nicholas Angelich, Khatia Buniatishvili, Stephen Kovacevich, Karin Lechner, Alexander Mogilevsky, Sergio Tiempo, Giorgia Tomassi, Mauricio Vallina and Lilya Zilberstein; the line-up of violinists comprises Renaud Capuçon, Ivry Gitlis, Ilya Gringolts, Geza Hosszu-Legocky, Andrey Baranov and Dora Schwarzberg; with viola-players Lyda Chen and Nora Romanoff; and cellists Mischa Maisky, Mark Drobinsky. This year, we are delighted to greet prestigious artists such as Cecilia Bartoli, Vilde Frang and Enrico Dindo.

Alongside these names are upcoming young talents, for whom the PROJECT provides an introduction to such events, as well as, most importantly, giving them the opportunity to play ensemble music in collaboration with more experienced and established musicians. Worthy of note, in addition to the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana (Swiss italian Orchestra), is the presence of the Coro della Radiotelevisione Svizzera (Swiss Radio Choir) directed by Diego Fasolis, which will enable Martha Argerich to present Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy, Op. 80.

On the 7th of June, the Teatro Sociale di Bellinzona will publish fir the third time the programme “Back to Bach”, entirely dedicated to pianists. Centred around the figures of Max Reger and Ferruccio Busoni, the works staged will present two different ways of interpreting Bach in the twentieth century.

The partnership with the Chopin Institute of Warsaw has been renewed for the second time. The institute aims at enhancing Polish dignitaries who were contemporaries of the great composer. This year Józef Nowakowski (1800-1865) has been chosen and his Quintet op. 17 will be played. Thanks to the radio and the issue of the CD of the event by Warner, the MARTHA ARGERICH PROJECT has become known as one of the most important events in Europe’s summer musical calendar.

Nicholas Angelich
Martha Argerich
Sergey Babayan
Gvantsa Buniatishvili
Khatia Buniatishvili
Luca Buratto
Ricardo Castro
Elio Coria
Sergio Escalera
Nelson Goerner
Carlo Maria Griguoli
Alexandros Kapelis
Stephen Kovacevich
Alexander Gurning
Eduardo Hubert
Dinara Klinton
Haruka Kuroiwa
Peter Laul
Karin Lechner
Polina Leschenko
Dong-Hyek Lim
Lena Lisitsian
Lily Maisky
Jura Margulis
Cristina Marton
José Menor
Alexander Mogilevsky
Daniel Rivera
Akane Sakai
Alessandro Stella
Sergio Tiempo
Giorgia Tomassi
Mauricio Vallina
Lilya Zilberstein

Andrey Baranov
Renaud Capuçon
Vilde Frang
Ivry Gitlis
Ilya Gringolts
Geza Hosszu-Legocky
Jakub Jakowicz
Mayu Kishima
Sascha Maisky
Alissa Margulis
Anton Martynov
Tedi Papavrami
Dora Schwarzberg

Nathan Braude
Katarzyna Budnik-Gałązka
Lyda Chen
Nora Romanoff

Jorge Bosso
Enrico Dindo
Mark Drobinsky
Romain Garioud
Mischa Maisky
Marcin Zdunik
Jing Zhao

Enrico Fagone
Slawomir Rozlach

Bruno Grossi
Maurizio Simeoli
Marco Schiavon
Federico Cicoria
Paolo Beltramini
Mark Denemak
Stefano Franceschini
Corrado Giuffredi

Alberto Biano
Stefano Semprini

Vittorio Ferrari
David Guerrier
Ricardo Serrano

Ivano Buat
Giuliano Sommerhalder

Marcelo Nisinman

Floriano Rosini

Cecilia Bartoli

Annie Dutoit

Ensemble ReEncuentros

Orchestra della Svizzera italiana

Coro della Radiotelevisione svizzera

Diego Fasolis
Elena Schwarz
Alexander Vedernikov