If you share the same passion for music, quality and the high standards that LuganoMusica aspires, we kindly invite you to join and discover the ClubPentagramma, a place where a group of people support LuganoMusica's most ambitious projects.

The members benefits:
- you will be personally greeted at every concert
- you will have precedence over the subscription purchases 
- you will receive 6 free tickets to invite your friends to the         
  season concerts of your choice 
- you will have the opportunity to meet the artists in person by
  participating at the members dinner, which will be held    
  annually after a concert
- you will have free parking at the LAC car-park on the evening
  of the concert

For more information and to become a ClubPentagramma member you can contact us by e-mail at 
club-pentagramma@luganomusica.ch or you can call us at the number +41 (0)58 866 42 89. 
We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Dedicated to all the classical music lovers who, thanks to their support, wish to help shine even more LuganoMusica on the international scene