The theatre and concert hall was conceived as a contemporary interpretation of the traditional shoebox shape of the Nineteenth-Century concert halls.

The hall is entirely covered with pear wood panelling and is equipped with a special modular acoustical shell. The retractable orchestra pit can accommodate 60 to 70 musicians. Thanks to the collaboration between the architect Gianola and Müller-BBM – a leader in the field of engineering with headquarters in Munich - the LAC theatre and concert hall offers a perfect combination of architectural aesthetics and acoustic qualities. The volume of the auditorium and the inclination of both the stalls and the gallery contribute in guaranteeing the acoustic quality of the hall. 

The function of the inner decoration conceived by Müller-BBM is not only purely decorative; it also contributes in diffusing the sound, as was already the case in Nineteenth-Century theatres. The hall's side panels are slightly curved so as to assure a better reflection of the sound towards the audience; for that same reason, the surface of the suspended ceiling is wavy.

The Sala Teatro is therefore a perfect hall for high-level symphony concerts, but is also adapted for other uses without compromising the quality of the acoustics. The orchestra pit and the proscenium of variable size enable an optimal use of the space according to the venue. The hall can accommodate any kind of performance, ranging from symphony and jazz concerts to opera, operetta, dance or theatre productions.

800 m2
900/1000 seats (670 in the stalls, 330 in the balcony)
Orchestral pit for 60/70 members
Proscenium (max measures) L 16m, H 11m
Stage L 25m, P 16m