Past event

11 October 2022

Sala Teatro


Works by Zoltán Kodály, Johannes Brahms, György Ligeti, William Byrd, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Hugo Alfvén, Randy Newman and Elton John.

King's Singers
The “superlative vocal sextet”, as the Times of London refers to it, was officially born at the King's College in Cambridge in 1968. The group has since maintained an a cappella sextet formation with two countertenors, a tenor, two baritones and a bass.

Although there has been a succession of 28 soloists over the years, the ensemble's distinctive style has remained, with a perfect vocal mixture known as the “pyramid of sound”. For over half a century, The King's Singers have been cheered all over the world because they represent the best of a cappella performance and have found their own key to connecting with the audience. The accuracy of their interpretations and their faithfulness to the classical repertoire – paired with a desire to attenuate distinctions between the genres – are always complemented by a lightness, an unmistakable touch of comedy, a typically English “drollery” capable of creating a particular intimacy with the audience.