Past event

29 March 2023



Gabriele Carcano, piano

Fred Onovwerosuoke
Jali and Okoye from “24 Studies in African Rhythm” for piano

Béla Bartók
Allegro barbaro, Sz. 49

György Ligeti
Études for piano (selection)

Silvia Borzelli
A Self-portrait (with Anatsui in the background)

Claude Debussy
Children's Corner for piano, L 113
Masques for piano, L 105
L'isle Joyeuse for piano, L 106

Moving between different sound worlds confronting contemporary music with historical twentieth-century music: such is the programme put together by Gabriele Carcano, a pianist from Turin who counts among the most accomplished Italian performers of his generation. The combination of Silvia Borzelli's new piece and the works of Fred Onovwerosuoke – a composer from Ghana who studies the rich African musical heritage – dialogue with works of composers who have been inspired by the rhythmic and poetic suggestions of their own cultural tradition. This stretches from the pounding rhythms of the Hungarians Béla Bartók and György Ligeti, highlighted in this season's LuganoMusica focus, to Claude Debussy's sonic atmospheres.