As far as music was concerned, the 20th century was full of feverish creativity, with many styles, trends and emotions following one another. Leading figures such as Debussy and Stravinsky, Schönberg and Webern, Cage and Stockhausen, Nono and Boulez, Bartók, Xenakis and Ligeti, Shostakovich and Pärt, Ives and Adams as well as our contemporary composers have continually set new boundaries.

The listening path presented this season by LuganoMusica will enable us to gain an overall view of this palette of musical experiences, on which forms, melodies, timbres and rhythms have been continuously transformed. The selected works dialogue with tradition but also with the very different musical approaches of the present: useful for taming music that is still too often considered to be difficult but nonetheless impresses by its immediacy and power.

I concerti della rassegna