Past event

10 March 2024

Sala Teatro


I Barocchisti
Coro della Radiotelevisione svizzera
Diego Fasolis
, conductor
Moritz Kallenberg, tenore
Dorothee Mields, soprano
Margot Oitzinger, alto
Charles Sy, tenor
Julian Benjamin Orlishausen, bass
Henryk Böhm, bass

Johann Sebastian Bach
St John Passion, BWV 245

I Barocchisti have now accustomed the Lugano public to experiences of the highest cultural value, both in terms of the importance of the works presented and the quality of the interpretation.

The latest addition to the itinerary devoted to the great Baroque cycles is another masterpiece by Johann Sebastian Bach: the St John Passion. Diego Fasolis is recognised as one of today's leading interpreters of this composer's works. In this sacred piece, the music is articulate and emotionally generous. It showcases particularly outstanding choral writing in which the interplay of complex harmonies and contrapuntal architectures triumphs, producing a unique and expressive sound result. The St John Passion is also noteworthy for its emotional depth, as it deals with the story of the passion and the death of Jesus according to the Gospel of John. Bach captures the story's intensity and drama remarkably, creating an atmosphere of profound emotion.

The various arias, chorales, and recitatives reflect a wide range of feelings, from sadness to anguish and devotion to hope. Yet Bach's masterpiece once again underlines the composer's spiritual depth: through music, Bach always wanted to convey a feeling of transcendence and connection with the divine, in a sense that is not exclusively religious but profoundly human.